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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

At Mansfield Castings, quality is one of the most important elements of our "ABC" (see home page). It means not just Quality Control, but Quality ASSURANCE.It means that we have an attitude, a belief, and a commitment to continually strive to produce castings at a level of quality that will fully satisfy our customers' needs and specifications.

We're proud that our customers send us comments such as " is nice to see the quality of our castings get better as time goes on, instead of going the other way or remaining static when improvements can be made. Thank You, Mansfield Castings, for making our castings buyer happy."

We encourage clients/prospective clients to visit our foundry and see quality in action. One visit will speak volumes about our capabilities and our quality.

We also encourage conversation between engineers to help get to the root of your quality issues with existing parts, and address concerns on new projects. You will find our people to be quite accessable from the President to the Pattern Engineer. We welcome our customer's ISO audits. Just let us know when you're coming so we can give directions, and set up your visit.
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