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New Parts Packaged Offered by Mansfield Castings

Welcome aboard! We're certain that you'll be pleased to have chosen us as the new home for your pattern(s). There will be lots of conversation going on now between your engineers and ours as details are worked out. Don't hesitate to call; you will find everyone here very accommodating to your needs. 


When you order new pattern equipment or a new permanent mold tool for a "Casting by Mansfield", we will run samples from each impression to insure that the quality meets your specifications.
We X-ray each sample 100% to evaluate the internal integrity of the casting. When we are satisfied with the internal quality, we finish the parts to your specification and then lay them out for a dimensional check.

When our Quality Department releases the samples, they are shipped to you with the Dimensional Layout Inspection Report, a Certified Physical Testing Report, and the X-Rays. 

When we receive your approval, we are good to go into production!

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